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India  -  Part 2

Narrow streets in Old Delhi and Kabadi Bazaar.Bicycle rickshaw in Old Delhi. We drove through the Kabadi Bazaar, an area  in Old Delhi with many cars, bicycle  rickshaws  and people walking down the narrow streets.  Men urinate anywhere in the streets in India, but at this congested market area there was a urinal on the street with no doors.  Hugh and I went off alone for a walk through the streets of the bazaar.  Men followed us and tried to take us for a ride in their bicycle rickshaws to see the sights.  



Twisted spider web of overhead electrical wires in Old Delhi.Tents in Old Delhi. The overhead electric wires were twisted and tangled spider webs.  Some people live in tents on the sidewalk.  For many in India, life takes place on the side of the road.  Many eat, sleep (some in bed, some with no bed), warmed only by  a campfire, wash dishes, wash themselves, brush teeth, and defecate on the side of the road.  Begging is also a way of life for many in India.  Everywhere we went charity was requested by beggars.  Little children repeatedly asked for chapati (bread) while pointing to their mouths.  They even carried infants to gain sympathy from tourists.
Coal iron heating up on ironing board.Coca Cola ad on the side of bicycle rickshaw. On the side of the street, a woman was folding laundry.  Next to her was a young girl laying out clothes on an ironing board with an iron heating up by coal.  The smoke from the iron was going into her eyes and she began to cough.  A Coca-Cola advertisement on the side of a bicycle rickshaw shows that there seems to be a touch of America in every corner of the world.
Jami Mosjid mosqueGovernment buildings in New Delhi.Near the bazaar we visited Jami Mosjid mosque.  We drove back to the newer part of the city and saw government buildings such as Parliament House.  In the evening, we ate dinner at the restaurant Bukhara, at the elegant  Sheraton Hotel.





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